ViaWork trip with Eco Tourism Udaipur at Kumbalgadh

ViaWork trip with Eco Tourism Udaipur at Kumbalgadh

Embarking on a journey of natural exploration, a group of 28 enthusiastic and young travelers set out on a memorable Eco Tourism Udaipur adventure. Starting their journey on a Friday morning from Udaipur, this eco-friendly trip promised a memorable experience filled with trekking, camping, bonfires, games, pool parties, and the serene beauty of the Kumbalgarh district.

Day 1: Nature's Staircase - Friday Morning to Evening

Our tour began with the tour bus as it traversed the picturesque landscapes surrounding Udaipur. The destination was 20 km before Kumbalgarh, a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. After a couple of hours' drive, we reached our base camp where our energetic trekkers were given a brief trek guidance by our trek leaders. After a fun warm-up session, we started our ascent to our summit. We enjoyed the interaction with the locals of the villages we crossed and had lunch after a couple of hours of trek. After lunch, we witnessed the transformation of the serene beauty of Aravali Hills as we gained some elevation gradually. We learned some more trekking about the rappelling activity and our trek leaders trained us by rappelling us down a steep cliff, quite an adventurous activity.
After that, we reached our camps and were offered high tea and yummy hot snacks which were a relief after a tiring trek.
As the day transformed into night, the group set up camp, surrounded by the tranquility of nature. Everyone gathered around the pleasing bonfire and shared a magical night under the clear sky and stars filled with laughter, stories, dance, delicious foods, and everlasting memories.

Day 2: Sunrise Bliss - Saturday Morning

As the first light of dawn kissed the landscape, the travelers woke up to a breathtaking sunrise, casting a warm glow over the Aravalli range. A hearty breakfast energized everyone for the descent, retracing the paths taken the previous day. Reaching the base, a sense of accomplishment filled the air, complemented by the shared joy of conquering the trails.
The journey continued to Gawar village in the Kumbalgarh district, where a delightful hotel awaited. The afternoon unfolded with a refreshing pool party, providing a perfect respite from the trekking adventure. A sumptuous lunch followed, setting the stage for the evening's activities.
Evening activities included fun corporate team games which taught different lessons on how a team can coordinate with each other in the corporate world.
After another bonfire party in the delightful property, everyone had a perfect hot Rajasthani dinner and a stargazing session.

Day 3: A Farewell to Nature - Sunday Morning to Afternoon

On the final day, the travelers bid adieu to the eco-friendly haven of Gawar village. Checking out from the hotel, the group set out on their return journey to Udaipur, reminiscing about the unforgettable moments shared over the weekend.
Our team members Deepti, Ravi, and Akshit ensured the logistics and comfort of the young travelers of ViaWork. A special thanks to Ravi for clicking awesome and memorable pictures and videos of the group making it more memorable.