Horse Safari

Best Horse Safari Tours in Udaipur

Eco Tourism Udaipur, with its deep connection to the land and respect for tradition, offers a range of best horse safari tours in Udaipur, that are not just exhilarating journeys but immersive experiences into the soul of Rajasthan.

Horse Safari Tour Packages

Udaipur awaits, not just as a scenic destination but as a land of stories waiting to be written. So, ditch the cars, embrace the rhythmic clip-clop of hooves, and embark on a horse safari tour packages with Eco Tourism Udaipur.

Ghanerao / Kumbhalgarh

Country Side

  • Duration - 2 to 3 hrs
  • Mineral water and fruits/ boiled eggs
  • Local village ( Ghanerao/Garasia/ Bhobogi guda covered )
  • Mucchal mahaveer temple
  • Crocodile sights
  • Local riverside ,can enjoy swimming (optional)
  • Breakfast at riverside

Kumbhalgarh Forest

  • Duration- 4 to 5 hrs
  • Mineral water and fruits/ boiled eggs
  • Dense jungle experience
  • Bird watching
  • Breakfast at Ghanerao
  • Lunch at Thandi beri / Kumbhalgarh
  • Return with gypsy

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