Camping Tour Packages in Udaipur

At Udaipur, we meet a number of visitors who keep coming back to us to spend the weekends. However, we at Eco Tourism Udaipur offer out-of-the-box ideas to make these short vacations even more rewarding. Case in point, our Family camping tour packages in Udaipur are one of a kind and allow adventure lovers to have some of the best times of their lives.

Why Ecotourism?

Our camping tour packages in Udaipur go a long way to serve the twofold purpose of preserving the treasures of Mother Nature and generating local employment. And the experience that a traveler gathers throughout the time is unmatched, to say the least.

Who Should Join Us?

Our Camping tour packages in Udaipur are ideal for all wildlife lovers, travel junkies and couples looking for a weekend sojourn. And when our clients look for some exclusive spots that only hardcore travelers would appreciate, we can make necessary arrangements, as well.

Our Route Plans

As a part of our Udaipur Camping Packages, we recommend the route of Udaipur/ Kumbhalgarh or, Jawai Leopard Conservation or Ghanerao. However, our team is capable of curating itineraries that suit the needs and budget of every single traveler. We understand that different clients might have different ideas for making memories. So, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all parties. And our team strives to offer more than what we charge for.

Best Camping Tours in Udaipur Rajasthan

What do our packages offer?

As one of the best camping tour packages in Udaipur, we offer various choices for our clients to select from. This includes everything from campsites beside a dam, forest or riverside, and a place for a bonfire. Live barbeque for dinner and star gazing remains a common favorite among many of our clients. We can also arrange for area-specific entertainment. For example, our team can arrange for a local folk music extravaganza in Ghanerao. Our Udaipur Camping Tour Packages also include free first tickets. Our packages also include free meals, especially breakfast and dinner. Our company website offers more information in this regard.

Udaipur/ Kumbhalgarh/ Jawai Leapord Conservation/Ghanerao

  • Dam side / Riverside / Forest
  • Bon fire
  • Live dinner barbecue
  • Star gazing
  • Live local folk music at Ghanerao only
  • Forest tickets included
  • Night wildlife experience
  • With breakfast
  • With breakfast and dinner

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    FAQs Camping

    1What camping facilities does Ecotourism Udaipur provide?
    We provide comfortable tents for double and triple sharing, guided trek to the camp location, high tea and snacks, hot dinner, bonfire, breakfast, safety and memorabel memories.
    2Where are the camping sites located?
    Camping sites are located in outskirts of Udaipur, Kumbalgadh, jawai, sitamata sanctuary.
    3Is there a minimum or maximum group size for camping reservations?
    We provide Camping experience to solo travellers also and to large groups also (discount on groups).
    4Are meals included in the camping package, or do participants need to bring their own food?
    All meals are included in the package. High tea , dinner and breakfast is provided by us along with hydration support.
    5Is transportation to and from the camping site provided by Ecotourism Udaipur?
    Yes. trasnportaion is included in the package.
    6Duration of the camping?
    20 - 24 hours
    7Electricity and mobile network available at camp sites?
    Electricity and mobile network is available at only some of the campsites.
    8Best camping locations in udaipur?
    Ubeshwar, Keli, Peepliya, Alsigadh, Mayra caves are some of the best caping locations in udaipur for a perfect wild camping and serene views.