Best Cycling Tour Packages in Udaipur

The state government of Rajasthan initiated its eco-tourism policy in 2021. The aim is to garner economic advantages. It serves the twofold purpose of attracting tourism and conserving natural treasures. We at Eco Tourism Udaipur take the opportunity to make the most of the tourism experience by offering an array of eco-tourism options. Our cycling tour in Udaipur is one of the most sought-after tour packages among visitors, irrespective of age and gender. Adventure lovers have a lot of reasons to prefer this package to the others. We offer the Best Cycling Tour Packages in Udaipur.

Bicycle Tour in Udaipur

Where does the route encompass?

Our bicycle tour in Udaipur covers many of the major lakes in the city, as well as some selected spots on the outskirts. The entire route gives our clients a chance to paddle through various terrains. This helps them explore the best of Rajasthani country landscapes and gives them a chance to have a heartfelt chit-chat with the locals. While our city is mostly known for its lakes and heritages, eco-tourism has unveiled Udaipur in a different light. So those who love adventuress now have a new job in their list of "things to do in Udaipur."

Curate Your Tour Package

Our team of 3 work together to offer the Best Cycling Tour Packages in Udaipur. All it needs is a quick visit to the company website and filling in some basic information on the online form available there. As a part of our guide for cycling in Udaipur, we have Akshit, an avid runner and cyclist who knows the city in the way very few do. So riding with him is itself an experience. Anyone requiring further queries is more than welcome to visit our company website. We would also love to offer some lovable deals whenever and wherever we can.

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    FAQs on cycling tour in Udaipur

    1What are the popular cycling routes in Udaipur?
    Ride around the short and sweet Fateh Sagar lake for a short ride, Do a village loop pf Badi Lake for some natural views. Peddle around Madar village to Rama village to complete a scenic ride.
    2Do I need to bring my own bicycle, or can I rent one in Udaipur?
    We provide great quaity Geared bicyles for the ride equipped with hydration support and support vehicle.
    3What is the best time of year for a cycling tour in Udaipur?
    July to october for a lush green monsoon ride. October to March for the long winter rides.
    4How long do the cycling tours typically last?
    It depends upon the preference of the riders in respect to their scedule, fitness level, weather. We offer short rides to long exploring rides covering many days.
    5 Are there any cultural or historical highlights along the cycling routes?
    Yes. Ride along the guided routes of Old city of Udaipur for a historical understanding of the city. We also offer cultural bicycle tours through remote villages and also interacting with the locals for a cultural experience.
    6How do I book a cycling tour in Udaipur?
    Feel free to call or whatsapp on +91 8696971782 or visit