Kumbhalgarh Resort

Kumbhalmer Resort

Kumbhalmer - the definition of luxury, comfort, and experience. Kumbhalmer is considered as one of the best resorts in Kumbhalgarh region which guarantee to provide the ultimate holiday experience. Situated in Bhanpura, Kumbhalgarh, our budget accommodation Surfers Paradise features fantastic views, comfortable rooms, suites and tents and all the leisure facilities you expect from a 3-star resort, without the price tag. Kumbhalmer is managed by a leading hospitality group in India. The location and surroundings make it a unique destination among other resorts in Kumbhalgarh area. Apart from resort we do have jungle campsite which provide bespoke luxury accommodation surrounded by lush green forest.

We take great pride in offering our guests special deals and our personal brand of hospitality that is just a little unexpected. Our outstanding array of facilities sets us apart from other resorts and hotels in Kumbhalgarh. Make sure you book early for the best deals, rooms, and rates. We are exceptional value for money in Kumbhalgarh region. So don’t waste further time and to book accommodation in Kumbhalmer; please call our travel consultant today!


Village Jetaran,
Tehsil Kumbhalgarh, Rajasamand, Udaipur


+91 63774 86341